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Eric Reynolds

Level 5 Consulting
Breaking Down Revenue Barriers

Revenue goals, sales plans. sales methodologies, CRM (Client Relationship Manager) technology...what do all of these have in common? My experience as an award winning sales leader in both small and large corporations has shown me that the most accurate, best of these are all meaningless without a complete and total focus on the people who are using them. Do any of these sound familiar:
Thorough and regular sales pipeline meetings that sound GREAT...and then you miss the quarter/year
Individual one on ones with revenue team members that fail to yield any meaningful performance improvements
Top shelf CRM tools that go under/unutilized. "I can't trust this data...", heard throughout the halls weekly
"I don't even know where to start.", heard from small business owners and corporations trying to improve sales performance or begin the process of marketing and selling their product(s)
"We need to document and enforce every step of the sales process to be effective."

I've been fortunate in my career to have fantastic team members who I learned as much from as anything else. I started to search for explanations about what was so effective (i.e. 5 time President's Club manager/producer, Sales VP of the Year), which led me to pursue accreditation as a Certified Professional Coach to help me understand what was really going on here.

What I discovered was shocking to me, and would rock the very foundations of any sales program I had previously worked with...even the ones that I thought were the reason for my team's success. This discovery was the impetus that led me to pursue my own consulting and coaching business so that I could work with other revenue or executive teams. To give you a preview, I can now work with and quantitatively assess a team's roadblocks on an individual basis, as a team, and within the organization at large to unleash it's full revenue generating potential. Your revenue team's methodologies, technologies, and goals are all secondary (by a mile) to this critical understanding of the Energy Leadership of your team.

I truly enjoy working with organizations from all industries and of all sizes, because I get to learn along the way. The work I do, quite simply, can be life changing for the individuals I work with and game-changing for the small businesses and organizations I help. I'm blessed to help these groups end the frustrations plaguing their day to day and, most importantly, give them the keys to understanding they are in control! 

Eric Reynolds
Level 5 Consulting

115 W Atlantic Ste 106, Branson, MO, 65616, United States

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