Stephen Zornes

Mid-Missouri Bank
Live, Work, Play, Bank

I’ve spent most of my life helping others overcome obstacles and reach goals beyond what they thought was possible. My passion is to help each person realize their inherent value and draw out the great things they are capable of and in doing so, I push myself towards that same level of excellence.

Each person is unique and the way in which you approach each situation is different. I’ve had the privilege of experiencing a myriad of things in my career that have afforded me the opportunity to be able to relate to just about anyone and come alongside them in a meaningful way. Life is about connections and luckily there are lots of good people that assist me in ministering to others.

My background with non-profits has been rich and working for a family and community orientated bank has afforded me the opportunity to be available to the elderly, young families needing financial guidance, child development and care needs, and those with disabilities to name a few. My educational background includes a Master’s degree in Finance and Accountancy from Pittsburg State University and I am a Certified Public Accountant. I am passionate about investing in in people and the community.

Stephen Zornes
Vice President
100 N Main Street
Web City, MO 65870

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