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Hi, my name is Haidi Edwards, owner and photographer of Premier Real Estate Photography. I am passionate about what I do, and love creating beautiful images of my clients' listings.

I started my journey in Real Estate photography partly because I’ve been a buyer and it always bothered me searching through the MLS, viewing listings with non-professional photos. I didn’t understand why anyone would include a photo of the laundry room with clothes piled up on the washer, or a kitchen with a sink full of dishes. It was a huge turn off to see crooked, dark photos that didn’t show me the potential of the house that I could potentially call my “home”. Honestly, almost all of the listings that had mediocre images, I didn’t even bother looking any further in to. 

When I decided to start shooting Real Estate, it became my mission to help my clients attract more buyers using beautiful, professionally shot images; images that were a truer representation of what the home really looked like; images that entice buyers to want to see it in person. It brings me so much satisfaction when I receive a text from a client telling me they sold their property sight-unseen because of the images that I delivered. It's messages like these that give me the drive to do my best! 

You’re a busy professional and using a professional to handle your listing/marketing images will save you time, the hassle, and frustration of taking them yourself. Give me a call, I’d love to help you create stunning images of your next property! 

Haidi Edwards
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