Edith Schubert

Primerica Financial Services
"I read the fine print so you don't have to!"

I love helping hard-working families put all the working pieces of their financial puzzle together, giving them the best value for their dollars. I love helping famililes keep their money, make more money, and grow their money through all stages of life!

Our company has been around since 1977 and was founded by a football coach/ teacher who believed the financial education was the foundation for building a successful financial house- it's using simple and proven financial concepts that most people aren't even talking about. Money is simply "math", math is a science, science leads to facts.

Let me help you make sure you have the strongest financial house for your family! 

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Edith Schubert
District Leader 

1911 S National Ste 303
Springfield MO 65807
Ph:  (816) 385-3298
Cell:  (816) 385-3298

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